Naming your Product

September 07, 2012

I'd like to share with you my thoughts and process behind the choice of the name of the killer-new product / app you're

The story of FreskPage Name

"What does Fresk means in FreskPage?". This is a funny question that lots of people ask me about. Here is the little story of the FreskPage name.

It all came after a few days we were thinking about doing a landing-pages-for-web-and-mobile-apps product and wanted to test our assumptions with potential customers. We needed a product name* and started thinking about it. We were looking for some criteria about the product name:

  • We wanted it short, 2 syllables at best and no more than 3.
  • We wanted it to mean something for users.
  • We wanted people to memorize it easily.
  • We wanted it to carry our identity.

And so after some tries, we thought about Fresk which means fresh / new in Breton (as we are from Britain). So we come up with FreskPage. It sounded great and the domain was free.

Truth be told, we liked it a lot but we were a little anxious by the fact that people may question themselves about “Fresk” and don’t understand what the product would do. So we tested it – as we've probably tested everything we could – with people into web apps business and that we knew they would be honest. Here is an email we got about it:

It has a good sound – a little different but not too different. So I think it will catch people’s attention. You should also put the translation somewhere visible on your home page because I think people will like to know that information.

We said bingo, let’s fresk it! So we tested our product idea with the name FreskPage and eventually keep it as product name.

*Nota Bene: we started with the name of FreskPage knowing that it may change. And looking backward, I actually think that we did not need a product/service name to test our idea with customers. Problem & solution explanations matters more. If you're interested to read more on this, you could read The Value of Problems and How to create a Hook Message articles.

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