Olivier Jaouen
I love marketing & technology

Thank you for being here, my name is Olivier. I'm Chief Marketing Officer at Dexem, a global software company based in France. I have a deep understanding of marketing and technology.

Covering the entire customer lifecycle, I'm paying attention to customer interactions, product usability and distribution. I spend my days talking with customers and leads, managing key marketing programs - such as product positionning, product launches, demand generation, customer marketing or marketing analytics - and improving the customer experience within our products. Always with passion, focus, simplicity and creativity!

We're helping our customers' market-facing teams - marketing, sales & support - with call management and call analytics products, to build positive, voice-based and high-valued communication experiences with their own leads or customers.

I spend the rest of my time sailing with family & friends, traveling all around the world as much as possible, romancing my lovely @agatheperroud, raising my amazing little boys and working on several side-projects. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter, Linkedin, Dribbble, Instagram or anywhere else you can find me (my username almost everywhere is ojaouen).