Connect hits
the symbolic first
1,000,000 sessions

October 4, 2014

Launched for about a year and a half, our contact manager for iPhone Connect reached the symbolic first 1,000,000 sessions lastly. Here are the key learnings discovered all along the way and our ambitions to take the app to the very next level. For your memory, Connect is a contact manager for iPhone which offers a great experience to organize your contacts into groups.

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Key learnings

Over 90,000 groups were created and over 1,800,000 contacts has been added to these groups. Users made over 250,000 phone calls and sent over 200,000 group messages. We released 11 versions, including a huge one redesigned for iOS7 in November '13.

Downloaded in 160 AppStores, over 500 users already rated Connect with an average 4.6 stars. We had direct interactions with over 800 users, that were amazing opportunities to understand their expectations. They significantly helped us to build a roadmap to improve the app.

Next steps

It took about a year to reach 1,000,000 sessions. We'll continue to improve the app and make sustainable efforts to grow our active users base in order to reach 1,000,000 in a month, then in a week, and then in a day with the same users' satisfaction.


Connect is available for free on the AppStore. Feel free to give a try and share your advice with me on Twitter at @ojaouen. I'd love to hear about you.

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