Picture of Olivier Jaouen
I love marketing & technology

Thank you for being here, my name is Olivier. I work at Dexem as a polyvalent product marketer. Covering the entire customer lifecycle, I'm paying attention to customer interactions, product usability and distribution. I spend my days talking with customers and leads, managing key marketing programs such as product positionning, product launches and inbound demand generation, analyzing key metrics at every stage of the customer journey and making contributions within the product team on product roadmap and product design, to deliver the highest value to our customers. Always with passion, focus, simplicity and creativity!

We're helping our clients to delight their own customers with customer-centric call management software products, to empower positive communication experiences with their leads & customers.

I spend the rest of my time sailing with family & friends, traveling all around the world as much as possible, romancing my lovely @agatheperroud, raising my amazing little boy and working on several side-projects. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter, Linkedin, Dribbble, Instagram, Google + or anywhere else you can find me (my username almost everywhere is ojaouen).