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I'm a Product Marketing Manager who focuses on delivering the highest value with customer-centric products.

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I'm into B2B SaaS products & marketing for more than 5 years. I love building customer-centric software products and delivering them worldwide to help people run their businesses. Family man and outdoor lover, I also particularly love sailing.

I do think there are strong similarities between building a SaaS business and sailing. At first, you have a certain idea of where you want to go, but the path to follow is never clearly defined. You have to understand the environment - such as wind direction, wind speed, streams, underwater rocks - and constantly adapt the way you proceed to reach your objectives.

As a current fast-changing environment, the software industry offers a lot of opportunities, especially into the communication area. Building great products is hard but highly rewarding, and I really feel excited by this challenging experience! I mostly share here what we build and learn along the way on SaaS products strategy and SaaS distribution.

Feel free to browse articles and hit me up, I'd truly love to hear about you!